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Eyelash Extension

Get the longer, thicker, luscious lashes you have always dreamt of!

Eyelash extensions have been a secret of stylists and movies stars for decades – and you too can get the hollywood look! This must have beauty trend is achieved by a professional procedure known as lash grafting where super fine, weightless synthetic mink lashes are applied individually, gently and precisely to your own natural lashes.

  • Full Set $155
  • Half Set (outer corners only) $110
  • Fill ins from $75(recommended 3 weekly)

Eyelash Extension FAQ:

How long does a full set take to apply?
For a natural look, approxmately 1 hour, glamour look 1.5 hours and winged 40 minutes.

How are the lashes applied?
Each semi permanent synthetic mink lash is applied gently to the base of each of your natural lashes with pharmaceutical grade adhesive while you simply close your eyes and relax!

How long do they last?
Anywhere between 2-6 weeks depending on your natural lash cycle and how you care for them

Can I still wear mascara?
Yes you may use a water soluble mascara, which we have available in store. Not a waterproof mascara however, as it requires an oil based make up remover which can weaken the glue bond of the lashes.

What to do after application?

  1. Avoid water on the lashes for the first 24 hours after application
  2. Do not use oil based make up remover or waterproof mascara
  3. Do not use eyelash curlers (they will kink your new lashes which already have their own beautiful curl)
  4. Avoid vigorously rubbing eyes
  5. Schedule a lash check up appointment 2-3 weeks after first visit

Before your Eyelash appointment:
Please come to your appointment with no eye makeup on, ensure mascara is
completely removed.
If contact lenses are worn, please remove before treatment Please be aware
that you will have your eyes closed for 30-40 minutes (for myscara) and up
to 90minutes (for eyelash extensions)

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