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Bio Sculpture Gel Nails

The perfect solution for beautiful nails

Enhance your nails with a treatment unlike any other gel product. Nourish and condition weak, brittle, soft or flakey nails, eliminate nail biting and protect nails to keep them strong and healthy. Long wearing, non chip finish in clear, french, colour and nail art options available. No more harsh filing and damaged nails.

  • Manicures last up to 3 weeks & toes up to 8 weeks – if not longer
  • No fumes, no odours, acrylic free, formalydehyde and toluere free
  • Dries instantly, non chip nail colour, perfect for both fingers and toes
  • Promotes growth of natural nails
  • Strengthens and conditions nails
  • Thin, strong, flexible, looks and feels natural
  • Quick, easy removal
  • Gel extensions and length naturally

Bio Sculpture initial gel treatment (overlays)
Cuticle work, nail shaping, conditioning hand & nail treatment, instant dry finish – gel coating on natural nails length (overlays).
No extension, clear – 45min $60
No extension, french or full colour – 60min, $70

Bio Sculpture gel extensions (full set gel with tips)
For those wanting instant length – this is our Bio sculpture initial gel treatment plus extra length added to your nails.
Gel treatment + tips – 90min $89
Gel treatment + sculptures – 105min $99

Bio Sculpture soak off & new gel overlays
Once the nail has grown out (approx 3 weeks) it is recommended to remove the gel by gently soaking off – no damage to natural nail and completing a fresh gel treatment for optimum nail health.
Clear – 60min $70
French or full colour – 75min $75
soak off & nail condition/shape only – 30min $45

Bio Sculpture extras
1 x nail repair – $10
1 x extension – $10
nail art – from $5 (depending on detail)

Bio Sculpture gel toes (initial treatment)
Cuticle work, nail shaping, conditioning treatment, instant dry finish.
full colour – 45min $60
French – 45min $65

Bio Sculpture gel toes (soak & new gel treatment)
Recommended when changing colours, to keep gel thin & natural looking for optimum nail health. Includes gentle soak off, fresh gel application (no harsh filing!)
60min $68

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